Monday, October 13, 2008

New Clutch Is In

The most recent thing I did was replace the clutch and flywheel with a G60 and a Valeo VR6 clutch. This clutch will hold more torque than the stock TDI clutch. It doesn't bolt up to the stock TDI dual-mass flywheel, so that has been replaced with the G60 flywheel, which is a single mass.

Took me about 10 hours total, at a slow easy pace. I've done this job on an old rabbit before, but this is my first time on this car. The new clutch definitely holds more torque, but still slipping with the pedal to the floor. I probably under spec'd it. However suppose I should drive it for a while and see if it 'breaks in'. At this point I've given it so much hell that I probably glazed the disc surface pretty good.

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